Making the Decision to Homeschool

Deciding whether or not to homeschool your children is not a-walk-in-the-park task. It can be very difficult. You have to contend with such questions as: What about my time? What if my child grows up to be anti-social? What will my child learn? How much does homeschooling cost? How much time will it take? When making the decision to homeschool, consider the following:

Time commitment

Children can learn faster at home because of the absence of distractions typical in schools. However, time commitment is crucial. Some homeschooling can take less time than driving your children to and from their school everyday.

However, it can also eat up much of your time in a day. It entails more than just reading books for an hour or two. There are lessons to prepare, projects and experiments that need to be accomplished, field trips, papers to grade, music lessons, park days, and so on.

You must fit homeschooling to your family’s lifestyle. There are many approaches of homeschool learning and you must make it sure that the style works best for the children and family. It is also important that you find dome time for yourself.


Critics of homeschooling argue that children in this learning arrangement have no time socializing with other children, and this takes a toll on their social skills. However, Brian Ray estimated in his book, Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling, that most of the approximately 2 million homeschooler children are not lonely.

Homeschooling doesn’t shut the children out of the outside world. Many communities have homeschooling classes and groups, as well as 4-H, scouting, and other clubs. Moreover, homeschoolers also have a lot of time for sports, apprenticeships, volunteer work, and other activities that foster social interaction and offer social opportunities.

You must give more attention to getting your homeschooler together with other children. One of the beauties of this kind of learning environment is that you have more control of your children’s social contacts.

Homeschooling cost

Homeschooling can be very inexpensive. You can homeschool your children as frugally as you want or spend a fortune on homeschool technology and curricula. Homeschooling usually requires that you, the teaching parent, will not accept jobs that require you to work out of the home. One of the parents must sacrifice his or her job.

Willingness of the child

Is your child willing to be homeschooled? A willing child is always helpful in his/her learning. In the end, it’s the decision of both parents. Try to convince your child about the beauty of homeschooling. But if your child is strongly against it, then homeschooling probably won’t help.


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