Senior Health Warning Signs

Getting old can lead many seniors to develop a host of age related diseases and conditions. Discovering and treating them early may help seniors live longer and healthier. This might require more diligent monitoring of certain warning signs that seniors may show to indicate of health problems. Here are some of them.

Unexplained Weight Loss

For some, losing weight may even be considered healthy. It can be good if seniors go through regular exercise which might justify weight loss. But in the case of unexplained weight loss, it can be a signal of a health problem.

Old people experiencing weight loss without any explanation can indicate several health conditions developing such as cancer, depression, heart failure, dementia and even malnutrition.

Sudden Change in Physical Appearance

It may be normal for some seniors to have an untidy appearance. Reasons may range from laziness to being incapable of doing certain things that they used to do.

But sudden changes in appearance may signal that something is wrong. This may be a sign of dementia, depression or even certain physical impairments.

Sudden Mood Changes

There are age-related mood changes and there are those that can be caused by certain mental and health conditions. But a drastic change in mood that persists longer than usual can usually be a warning sign that something may be worn health wise. It can be a sign of depression or other mental disorder.

Difficulties Getting Around

It can be quite normal seeing older people not moving around and just contented staying in one place. But this can also be a sign worth checking out.

Not being able to go around may be a cause of muscle weakness, joint problems or even body balance and coordination problems.

These can also be signs that can be associated with certain diseases and conditions ranging from arthritis, fractures, heart problems as well as a host of other serious health problems.

Possible Actions

When such signs are exhibited by older people, one of the initial actions is to try and talk to them. For people looking over their old parents, talking to them and trying to share and discuss their concerns may help determine the cause of their problems.

Some of these problems may not usually be only about their health condition. It can also be just about their environment or just their current situation. Getting medical advice or help may be the next best thing if the warning signs shown by older people lead to possible health problems.


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