Caring for Your Baby's Teeth

Our teeth plays a major role in the aesthetics of our overall physical appearance. To say that we cannot neglect the importance of taking good care of our teeth is an understatement. This is why we have to exert an extra effort to make sure that our teeth are in good condition all the time.

Taking care of our teeth should start as soon as we are born. While we cannot reverse time to the period when we were still an infant, we can at least take better care of our baby’s teeth. Here’s how:

Guard your baby’s eating habits

Make sure that your baby has healthy eating habits. Promote healthy eating practices to him or her so that iy would be easy for your baby to adapt to this as he or she grows up. Limit the amount of sugary substances in his or her diet as well.

Avoid sticky foods

There are certain foods that are healthy for your skin’s overall diet, but these foods may be hard to chew because it’s sticky. Sticky foods can get stuck in your baby’s teeth and may cause cavities and tooth decay when left unnoticed. Piece of advice: Avoid raisins as much as possible.

Clean your baby’s gums

Maintain your baby’s clean gums by wiping it gently with a wet washcloth after meals and before bedtime. This is to keep your baby’s mouth free from cavities. Then, once your baby’s teeth starts to appear, brush it twice a day with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste for babies.

See a dentist

Do not wait for your baby to grow up and have teeth problems before taking him or her to a dentist. Take him there even if he or she doesn’t have teeth yet. A dental checkup will definitely do your baby a lot of good.

Opt for fluoride supplements

Fluoride is important for the healthy growth and maintenance of our teeth. Ask your baby’s dentist to prescribe a fluoride supplement to protect his or her teeth, as well as to keep it strong and healthy.

Your baby’s teeth is fragile so take good care of it on its early stage. Your child will surely thank you for it when he or she grows up.


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