Protecting Toddlers From Winter Illnesses

The cold weather makes your little one more susceptible to illnesses such coughs, colds and flu. Fortunately there are ways to protect your child from catching any of the said conditions.

Proper hygiene

Teach you kids to wash their hands after playing and handling various items, or after coming in contact with other kids. They can easily catch bacteria through the food they eat. In cases where your kids can’t immediately wash their hands, during a long drive for instance, use hand sanitizers.

Also, avoid spending extended periods of time in enclosed spaces. Make sure your child gets fresh air whenever possible. Bundle up in thick warm clothes, and head out for a while.


We all the know that breastfeeding boosts children’s immune system. Nurse toddlers (aged 16-30 months) during the cold weather. It has been found that breastfed kids within this age bracket get sick less often, and get well faster than their counterparts who aren’t nursed.

Balanced diet

During the winter, the immune system is a little weaker than usual. Help strengthen your child’s immune system by feeding him/her a health balanced diet.

Also, provide your child with small meals throughout the day, instead of focusing on giving him/her large meals.

Small meals are easier for your child’s small tummy to absorb the nutrients they need. Do not forget to feed your child fruits and vegetables, milk and fish.


Priobiotics are found in yogurt, yogurt drinks as well as in products especially made with these helpful bacteria. Make sure your child gets some to balance the pH in his/her stomach, help make the stomach work properly and make it less susceptible to bugs and bad bacteria.

Emotional health

Experts suggest that there is a connection between emotions and our immune system. Make sure your child’s immune system remains strong by avoid things that can stress you both.

Kids can easily detect stress from the grown-ups around them. Take time off from your busy schedule to relax and have fun with your child.

Products that help boost the immune system

Ask your pediatrician first if you can administer these supplements to your toddler:

Cod liver oil – a healthy source of vitamin A which strengthens the immune system.

Echinacea – well-known for preventing and treating colds. Just make sure you don’t administer this supplement for over eight weeks at a time. Alternate with other supplements that strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin C – or ascorbic acid, a well known supplement that combats colds and flu.


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