Five Ways You're Damaging Your Hair

hairThe more you style, the more you change the natural makeup of your hair. Indeed, less is always more when it comes to hair health. That is the rule of thumb when it comes to taking care of our tresses.

When our hair becomes overexposed to chemicals and harsh elements, the cuticle of the hair becomes damaged. As a result, the inner core becomes exposed, thus causing our hair to become dry and brittle, and lacking in luster and shine.


Bleaching the hair removes its natural hair pigment. It also makes the hair more susceptible to hair damage because bleaching weakens the hair.


Perming works in two ways. It can either be a chemical straightening or a chemical curling. Similar to bleaching, perming also weakens your hair. It also causes damage as well as a dry and brittle look on your hair.

Highlights and coloring

Compared to bleaching, highlights and semi-permanent hair dyes are less damaging to your hair. However, it can still cause some negative effects on your hair. The main damage that highlights and coloring can cause is the change it can have on the inner structure of the hair, which makes the hair look dry and unhealthy.

Flat iron and blow drying

Both flat iron and blow drying makes use of heat. This heat causes changes in the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together. This temporary change can become more permanent if you use flat iron and blow dry on your hair more frequently.


Using shampoo on your hair will cleanse the scalp and remove the oil buildup on your hair. However, over-shampooing can wash away your hair’s natural moisture. Plus, it can also make your hair look unhealthy.

Our hair is our crowning glory so we have to take care of it because it is one of our best assets. It is not wrong to try to beautify and enhance the appearance of our hair, but too much chemicals is generally not good for our hair.

So, keep it simple and natural. Your tresses will look better if you don’t suffocate it with too much attention.


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