Is Plastic Surgery for You?

Many people opt for cosmetic surgery to feel good about themselves. The surveys conducted about the patients’ perception on cosmetic surgery yielded positive results. According to the respondents, they were generally pleased with the outcome of the cosmetic surgeries they went for. They also said that there were marked improvements on their self-esteem, social confidence and quality of life.

On the other hand, hearing positive feedback about cosmetic surgeries does not mean that it is apt for every person who is considering it as an option. If you are among those who want to give cosmetic surgery a try, ponder on these questions first before you make a decision.

Why cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is like applying makeup in the sense that the purpose of the two is to improve your self-image and the way you feel about yourself. It works best in fostering your emotional health. If you are considering cosmetic surgery for this purpose, then your reason for having some cosmetic alteration done on your face and/or body is healthy.

Who am I doing it for?

The financial costs of cosmetic surgeries are not a joke. There’s also the physical pain that you will feel after the effects of the anesthesia has worn off. Before jumping into the decision to have your nose or your boobs done, ask yourself who you’re doing it for. If you’re doing it for yourself, that’s okay. But if you’re doing it for your friends or for your boyfriend, you might as well back out because you’ll likely be disappointed with the results if you’re doing it for someone else.

How high are my expectations?

Weigh your expectations: Are they realistic or unrealistic? Having unrealistic expectations are when you believe, at the back of your mind, that cosmetic surgery can turn your face into the face of a celebrity or restore your lost youth of decades past. Obviously, allowing yourself to have unrealistic expectations is unwise. So if you’re planning to go for a cosmetic surgery, make sure that your expectations are attainable and realistic.

What is my emotional state?

Cosmetic surgery may be deemed inappropriate during certain points in your life. For example, if you’re in the middle of a divorce, or you’re spouse just died. Actually, there are surgeons who are reluctant to perform surgical operations on depressed patients, mentally ill patients, or with patients who are obsessed with perfection.

When is the best time for my operation?

Cosmetic surgeries are best done when you are relaxed, otherwise your recovery period may take longer. So after considering whether you’re emotionally prepared for a cosmetic surgery or not, make sure that you are not too absorbed in other matters as well.

Cosmetic surgeries are a tedious process. Also, the change doesn’t start and end with the physical appearance alone. So if you really want to go for an operation, make sure you’re well-prepared for it in every aspect.


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