Why Do Some People Enjoy Being Loners?

More often than not, most people see loners as different from the rest of society. This is because of the fact that they act differently, since they have a certain type of life in which they live by.

Because of their non-conformist lifestyle, most loners are perceived as deviants. Of course, adult loners are different from child loners. Yet despite all these facts, we still ask ourselves the question: what makes a loner a loner?

For a child loner, it is very recognizable why they are like that. It has something to do with their behavioral patterns.

Different types of behaviors which identifies a child loner

The child is terribly shy because of being socially unprepared.

The child is rejected by others because he or she has an aggressive behavior.

The child lacks experience in a social situation and is overlooked, making him or her neglected.

The child is withdrawn because of the fact that he or she is sensitive about being different in both physical and social aspects.

How to re-mold a child’s behavior?

Provide pointers on how to be a better friend toward others like developing empathy skills and participating on activities as well as being socially flexible and thwarting off aggressive behavior.

Encouraging the child when there is improvement in their behavior like volunteering to participate in a certain social activity.

Introducing friendship lessons in their curriculum so as to show the value of having friends and hone their social skills. Examples of these kinds of activities are classroom skits and plays.

Being a model friend to them by focusing on their positive personalities.

What makes an adult loner?

Adult loners have behavioral patterns that are more different than a child loner. By chance, their being loners are more of a choice brought out by a particular social situation. The behavior of an adult loner is close to that of an introvert who are more focused on themselves.

Most often, it is the mindset regarding other people that makes them what they are. There too are assumptions that they have low self-esteem which may have been a product of a bitter childhood. Others find it difficult to make friends despite their efforts of being friendly.

However, there are people who find their strength in being a loner. Such individuals who fall under this type of category are artists. They get to spend several hours alone when they are completing masterpieces.

Yet no matter how society define what makes a loner, whether they are just socially anxious or otherwise, loners are still a part of the greater society. They may have different norms because of their being non-conformists. But they are a group of people, regardless of age, who wish to be respected just like others.


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