Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

Choosing a hearing aid can either be of no consequence for some people and can be a big deal for others. And in the case of older seniors, some may find it too embarrassing wearing a hearing aid and be considered having hearing problems. But hearing aids today are not just those unsightly ear devices that one may need to wear uncomfortably all the time.

The technology has greatly developed over the years that has led to a more suitable choice of hearing aids. Seniors today can now heave a sigh of relief knowing that some of the devices available need not be a cause of embarrassment. There are now different types of hearing aids that seniors can choose from.

Types of Hearing Aids: Open Fit

There are four basic types of hearing aids that people with hearing problems can choose from. There is the open fit, behind the ear type hearing aid. New models today are designed and made quite small enough to make them unnoticeable enough when worn.

These devices are usually small devices that are worn behind the ear that send sounds through a wire or to a tube or speaker fitted in the ear canal. This device is ideal for people who suffer from mild to moderate type of hearing loss.

In The Ear Hearing Devices

The most common of hearing devices is one that is worn in the ear. This is usually designed to fit into the bowl shaped area of the outer ear.

Although it is one of the most visible of hearing devices and might catch wind noise, it is also one of the most convenient to use since it is easier to adjust and removed. This type of hearing aid can be ideal for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Completely In The Canal Hearing Devices

This type of hearing aid fits totally inside the ear canal. It is usually molded to fit tightly into a person’s ear canal where it can be least visible. It is also one of the smallest as well as the most expensive type of hearing aid.

Because of their small size, fewer features may be allowed when it comes to adjusting the hearing aid. It may also have a smaller battery and have a shorter battery life which might come as a disadvantage. It is ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for a concealed hearing aid.

Partially In The Canal Hearing Device

This type of hearing aid can fit into the ear canal but not as deeply as the completely in the canal type of hearing aid. They can be ideal for people with mild to moderately severe hearing problems.

Their design makes it possible for other features to be added that completely in the ear hearing aids may not have. But still, it’s rather small size might make it difficult to adjust.


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