Hair Loss and Hair Implant

A lot of men feel that a full head of hair completes their manhood. This explains why many older men begin to panic when they find themselves losing hair at a disturbing rate and desperately find a treatment for this problem. While many of them embrace the destiny that nature sets for them by shaving their head, many others resort to hair transplantation procedures. This is primarily to boost their virility while keeping up with fashion.

Recent developments in hair transplantation procedures offer better surgery outcomes for older men who are experiencing hair loss. You can now choose from a number of methods of hair restoration surgery. Two of the most popular methods are follicular unit transplantation and direct hair implant (DHI). These new hair implant techniques are less painful and complicated.

Follicular unit transplantation

Follicular unit transplantation is currently the most reliable hair implant technique, with a success rate of almost 10%. In this procedure, a healthy follicular unit is extracted from the back of your head and transplanted as an intact unit to balding areas.

The advantages of follicular hair transplantation include permanent hair growth, natural looking hair, avoidance of damage to the follicular unit, and effective surgery because of the stereoscopic microscopes used for dissection. While this treatment is time consuming, desired results are achieved.

Direct hair implant

Direct hair implant is a minimally invasive hair implant technique. It doesn’t use stitches, scalpel, and a donor strip. This procedure is based on the hair transplantation technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which exemplifies the newest extraction techniques for follicular unit transplantation.

FUE uses precise and custom-made micro-surgical tools. Instead of dissection, this procedure involves direct, one by one extraction of follicular units. One of the major advantages of this technique is the quality control during the hair transplantation procedure. What’s more it’s a painless and uncomplicated procedure.

Risks associated with hair implant

As do other surgeries, each hair restoration surgery procedure introduces certain amount of risk. Before the surgery, the doctor will discuss the potential risks as well as the complications of the procedure and will address your questions about those risks. Hair implant risks are very minimal, including scarring, infection, and bleeding.

Cost of hair implant

Depending on your choice of surgeon and geographical region, the cost of a hair implant surgery averages $3-$10 for every graft. The number of grafts needed is often 500-2000, which means a cost of between $1500 and $20,000. The competition in the industry as well as the experience and skill of the surgeon significantly affect the price per graft.


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