Does Sex Burn Calories

Did you know that having sex three times a week burns the same amount of calories when running several miles per week?

It has been found that sex produces hormones that give you a good work out. Yes, you read it right, just like when you exercise. It also boosts you immune system, lowers cholesterol level, relieves stress and reduces pain levels.

Sex and weight loss

And just like exercising, sex burns calories.

A scientific estimate puts it at 177 calories (burned) for each hour of sex. A recent study found that men who have sex at least three times a day lower their risks of a heart attack by 50%. As for women, a recent study found that arousal is increased after exercising. This doesn’t mean though, that you should take sex as your exercise replacement. Perhaps you can have "sexercise" as a kind of workout supplement.

Exercise has been linked to better sexual performance. Regular exercise boosts energy levels and increases stamina. Apart from sex, exercise also boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel great overall.

A word of caution

Just because you found out that sex burns calories doesn’t mean you should do it with anyone. Experts claim that sex in a healthy and loving relationship has a healing effect on the body and the mind.

On the other hand, promiscuous sex has a negative effect on the mind and body. Scientists in Japan recently found that people who are in adulterous relations are more likely to have fatal strokes.

Now that you know the facts, another word of caution: play safe.


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