Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induced hearing loss can be a very big problem for certain types of people. Most noise induced hearing loss can be caused by common noises in today’s environment and surroundings. The type of people who find themselves under prolonged exposure to high level noise are usually at greater risk.

Rock Band Musicians

A common type of people who might find themselves at greater risk of hearing loss due to noise are musicians, most especially those who are into the rock genre. With rock known to generate one of the highest decibel noises or sounds in any music genre, members of rock bands are surely prone to such noises over long periods of time.

From performing concerts to recording, musicians may find themselves exposed through such noises over a long period of time. And when a long career is over, most rock musicians usually end up suffering form noise induced hearing loss.

Military Personnel

Soldiers are another group of people who might find themselves at risk of suffering from noise induced hearing loss. There are various sources of noise from which hearing loss may develop, from war zones, gunshots to other military equipment noise.

What makes this a serious problem for the military is that personnel found to suffer from hearing loss may no longer be deployed. That is why the Department of Defense has invested heavily in trying to treat and prevent noise induced hearing loss among its personnel.

MP3 Player Listeners

Another group of people who are at risk of developing noise induced hearing loss concern the younger generation. Teens who are avid listeners of portable mp3 players have a higher risk of developing noise induced hearing loss.

Listening to music over earphones can expose the ear to sounds above 85 decibels, the considered safe level in terms of normal hearing. Exposed to such sounds even for 15 minutes can increase the risk of hearing loss in people.

What Can Be Done?

Since noise induced hearing loss is mainly caused by prolonged noise, being able to protect the ears from several noise sources can help prevent the gradual damage that it does to the ears. This especially concerns those people who work and live in an environment that puts them in environments where noise is a daily occurrence.

One of the most effective means to prevent and avoid gradual hearing loss due to noise is by wearing protective hearing devices such as ear plugs. Ear plugs can help block out excessive loud noise that can otherwise harm the ears and the sense of hearing.

For mp3 player listeners, it pays to invest in noise isolating headphones as a form of protection. The easiest way would be to just turn down the player volume to moderate levels. a good rule of thumb is that if the user has to turn down the volume in order to hear people, then the earphones are too loud.


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