Get Healthy with Simple Life Changes

Up until recently, we believed that we have little or no control over aging and our health.

Recently however, doctors have recently discovered that you can control 70 percent of your aging process. Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of Discovery Health’s "You, The Owner’s Manual", shares this amazing discovery to ABC. Here are a few things to help you get started and in control.

Quit eating junk food

Dr. Oz says quitting junk food for two weeks can shift your position on the life curve, even if you have eaten junk food for years.


Dr. Oz says that push-ups are a simple way to test how fit you are. Women under 30 should be able to do 45 knee push-ups. Men under 30 should be able to do 35 full push-ups. You lose five push-ups every decade you get older.

Avoid soda

Avoid products that have high fructose syrup because they are high in calories and the they block the body’s ability to tell if it’s full.

Cutting 100 Calories a day

Dr. Oz says 100 calories a day is a significant amount to lose that will result in a 10-pound weight loss per year.

Butter over margarine, olive oil over both

Dr. Oz says that since our ancestors consumed butter, our body can recognize it and knows how to metabolize it. However, if you have a choice, go for olive oil as it contains healthier fats.