Natural Way to Improve Your Vision

For centuries we have relied on visual aid to help us with our ailing vision. What is rarely known is that we can actually improve our vision the natural way. This doesn’t mean however, that the improvement is so significant that we need not utilize our visual aids anymore, but it’s enough to decrease our dependency on them.

Bad habits

Some visual defects are caused by habits that can be corrected (even reversed) if they are caught on time, to be replaced with good ones. Some of these bad habits include: watching TV too close to the screen or using your PC with your face too close too the monitor.


To help end or prevent the deterioration of you sight, one natural way is to blink often. Blinking eases the strain on the eyes and may help prevent deterioration.

Shift your gaze

Shifting your gaze exercises the eye muscles which can help you develop a healthier vision. A few ways to exercise your eye muscles is to try to see different parts of objects without moving your had. Look from every direction. You can also spot and count small objects such as dots in textile pattern.


Shifting your focus can also help prevent or end vision deterioration. Exercise your focus by shifting your gaze from an object far away to an object near you. You can also include a middle range. You can try doing this exercise while reading.


When doing these exercises, you don’t just move your eye about. As with any exercise, you have to deep and steady breaths. Oxygen helps the eyes work properly.