Can Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Shampoo has long been used as our hair’s "cleanser." It keeps our hair and scalp clean and healthy. However, our reliable hair cleanser may be the culprit behind hair loss.


The reason why shampoo causes hair loss may be due to their content. Some shampoos contain surfactants, or chemicals with one purpose: to remove dirt. Soaps contain surfactants too. But experts believe that surfactants should be used in soap alone. Surfactant content in shampoo vary in type and level of concentration.

To determine whether your shampoo is causing hair loss, check if your eyes burn if exposed to your brand. If yes, your shampoo is probably not mild enough, contains unhealthy surfactants and is not pH-balanced (pH between 5-7).

Sodium sulfate

Sodium sulfate is another shampoo ingredient that may be causing your hair loss. Usually, if sodium sulfate content is shampoo is in very low concentration, it hardly causes damage to the hair and scalp.

But, if the concentration is very high, the damage might be greater. It may even cause dermatitis and damage your hair and scalp. If this chemical gets in your eyes, you will feel the burn immediately.

Milder shampoos with natural ingredients

Check your shampoo if it contains surfactants and/or high concentration of sodium sulfate. If it does, it’s time to switch shampoos. Look for shampoos with the right pH of 5-7 to repair the damage to your hair and scalp.

Also go for shampoos that contain natural ingredients. They speed up the repair process, help reverse or slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth.