Can Anger Energize You?

Most of us think that anger is an emotion that is the most destructive of all. Call it the geyser of all behavioral reactions, but anger in itself may be the just the same as other feelings out there.

Actually, experts always say that bottling one’s anger is not at all healthy to an individual’s well-being. Check out this blog and find out how releasing one’s anger can energize oneself and even be favorable on your part:

Helps you move away from denial

This helps most especially if the individual himself or herself is dying. According to Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s book On Death and Dying, denial is the first stage of death, followed by anger.

It aids someone to accept the fact about the present situation. That is regardless of what behavior he or she displays as long as it relieves the person of the torment of denying that truth, like one’s impending death.

It prevents you from thinking too much which may lead to mood swings

Whether it is death or something else, the good thing about anger is that it lets you stop thinking of something else that only leaves you depressed. Surely, depression and anger are both dangerous as behavioral states.

But the difference between both of them is that anger has a point where it totally stops. Besides, as mentioned by Dr. Kubler-Ross, depression comes at a later stage on dying people. A stage when everything comes close to accepting the fact that one is about to die.

It paves way towards excitement which then leads to being humorous

This kind of behavioral state may actually depend on the individual’s condition. But sometimes anger can make us realize things that are present in things we often do.

An example is that despite one is dying due to a disease like a brain tumor, one notices at some point that though he or she has such a disease, one can still act normally, enjoy the things that were once enjoyed doing most and other things.

It provides determination when you are looking for answers

Whether the individual has a condition or not, the good thing about anger is that it presses you to act. One of them is finding the right answers about one’s disease or even on incidents like a break-up.

Anger compels you to dig deeper and help you decide what options can be helpful for you regarding your condition. Actually, anger can bring about a sense of urgency when finding answers regardless of the situation the person has.