Hot Tub Use During Pregnancy and Risk of Miscarriage

There are a number of things that are "off-limits" to pregnant women. Certain foods such as alcoholic beverages of course, are to be avoided. Smoking of course is prohibited, as are activities that require much exertion.

Hot tubs

There are also a number of things that a pregnant woman needs to keep track of. One of them is her temperature. This is why some activities such as bathing in hot tubs should be avoided.

Rise in temperature

When a woman is pregnant, her body temperature should not rise above 101F. This is because the raised body temperature during early pregnancy increases the risks of neural tube defects.

Studies also show that bathing in hot tubs also increases the risk of miscarriages, but the evidence is still indefinite. The more possible risk is that of the baby having health problems.

The same risks are true if the mother has fever during pregnancy.

Hot tub alternative

Since 10-20 minutes in a hot tub is enough to raise a woman’s core body temperature to 102F, doctors suggest avoiding hot tubs to be safe.

If you must be warm while bathing, doctors suggest going for a hot shower instead. Water cools quicker unlike hot tubs which are designed to retain a hot temperature. Also since your body will not be submerged in hot water, your core temperature will not rise as fast.

However, you must not take a hot shower for too long, to avoid the same risks that bathing in a hot tub poses. Monitor your body temperature and the temperature of the water before bathing to avoid the risks.