Exercise for Kids

exercise and kidsExercise and kids today don’t seem to go well together. More and more kids seem to shun physical activities and exercise. With today’s kids more likely to watch TV, play video games and go surfing over the Internet, less and less time is spent on important physical activities. And the end result has become fatter and unhealthier kids.

The Statistics

The latest statistics have been showing a grim reminder of this growing problem that not only affects the kids but their parents as well.

In latest surveys, three out of ten boys and four out of ten girls aged between two and 15 are not going into the recommended amount of physical activity.

Following this trend, about 22 percent of girls and 19 percent of boys belonging to the same age group may become obese by 2010.

Recommended Physical Activity

Official recommendations have it that kids should get at least one hour of physical activity daily. The said activity should at least be of moderate intensity that would have kids get a bit of a sweat and a little out of breath.

The effects would even be better if the activities are made more strenuous eventually. The said activities should al least include bone building, muscle strength and flexibility work outs twice a week.

School Sports

Participating in school sports may seem to be the most effective means to have kids go through their required physical fitness regimen. Unfortunately, it seems that many youngsters still have second thoughts about getting into school sports for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them.

Lack of Encouragement

Some kids do not try to involve themselves in sports activities at school due to lack of encouragement. Aside form the parents, the teachers should play a bigger role in trying to encourage kids to join in sports for fun, even if not for their health, just to get them going. S

ometimes, all it would take is to give kids something to expect in order to enjoy and make sports a meaningful enough activity that they can do regularly.

Lack of Choices

There are times when some of the more popular sports activities do not interest kids. The bad news is that these are usually the only choices that they might have at school.

It would help if schools offer a variety of programs that would cater to the different interests of kids in order to keep them interested in sports activities. There should be programs for team sports as well as individual varieties that some children might become interested in.

Self-Awareness Issues

Some kids tend not to join in sports and other physical activities at school mainly due to their own appearance.

There are times that kids don’t want to be embarrassed by being too fat or too skinny to join in certain sports. Some even consider the clothes they wear as an obstacle from joining in sports and other physical activities in school.

The best way that this can be handled is with teachers having talks to their students with such issues and helping them clarify or find ways to resolve them.


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