5 Resolutions to Improve your Life

Making resolutions is the in thing every New Year. Many brainstorm ways to improve their careers, while others focus on how to lose weight and become that ultra sexy model on the billboard. People have different resolutions, but their common denominator is how to improve their lives. When making resolutions, you should commit to thinking beyond the body, and feed the soul and the mind, too. Here are some resolutions to improve your life:

Watch less TV and read more

Start the year by reducing the countless number of hours you spend on the couch watching comatose-inducing TV shows. That important time dedicated to this pastime is time you could be using on other more meaningful things.

Depending on your approach, you may want to reduce your TV viewing time by an hour or two every night, or have a TV-free night once a week. Another suggestion: List all your favorite TV shows and then commit to watching only them.

Devote some time for reading. Reading a piece of fiction or non-fiction can broaden your knowledge and give you new perspective in life. It feeds your mind. Find a comfortable spot and read. Another benefit of reading is that it tickles your curiosity, increasing your zest for life.

Don’t consume too much

Admit it; we’re in a highly consumeristic society, where people live by accumulating stuff. Many people have bought all the things they want, but still it doesn’t make them any happier. That’s because they’re never satisfied. They want more. This could lead to self-destruction. Improve your life by being contented for what you have, buying things you really need. Of course, you can reward yourself from time to time by getting something you want.

Produce something

Many people in the Western world are not equipped with skill sets necessary for survival. This year, learn how to create something out of something from start to finish. Build a table, grow vegetables in your garden, sew a shirt, bake bread, or anything that can make you productive. Check out some classes offered at your community center, a retail store, or a community college and learn.

Don’t stress about your looks

For many of us, embracing life means doing something to improve our physical appearance. There’s nothing wrong about it as it makes us feel good about ourselves. But stop obsessing about it. Let’s face it: The models you see on TV and fashion magazines are not real people. They’re a construction of a capitalist society aimed at making people feel bad about how they look.

These people in turn clamor for beauty products and programs, attempting to be like the impossibly gorgeous people portrayed in the media. Obsessing about your looks will only lower your self-esteem, as the beauty standards set by our society are never attainable.

Have a family vacation

Having a vacation doesn’t mean spending your fortune dining in Paris or game watching in the Namibian safari. The United States has some world-class outdoor activities around. Go online or visit your nearest travel office and get the best recession deals.