Health Benefits of Napping

Many people view sleeping at work as a sign of lack of productivity or plain laziness. The connotation is so negative that accusing an employee of grabbing a few winks while on the job is equivalent to labeling him/her as a valueless worker, a drain on the organization.

But unknown to many, taking a nap at work can actually bring benefits to both employees and employers. It can boost creativity, make a person more productive and alert, and it can improve accuracy, stamina, and motor skills, among others. Read on to know why we need to take a nap.

Napping can lower stress levels

According to Dmitry Lvovski, director of Bridgeport Hospital’s sleep center, most people start to become tired and stressed out between 1 pm and 5 pm. Taking a nap can lower stress hormone levels. He said, "If you take a nap, you kind of unload that need for sleep, and you feel more awake." So if you start to feel run down, take a break, find a comfortable and quiet spot, and grab some sleep. It will make you more refreshed.

Napping can increase alertness and productivity

By all means, take a power nap if you have the opportunity, especially after a sleepless night. You’ll feel more energetic and alert afterwards. Once rested after the nap, your mood, alertness, efficiency, and productivity levels will improve significantly.

Napping can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Taking a power nap daily may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. This particularly holds true in young healthy men, according to researchers. Also, in a Greek study involving around 23,700 people who had no history of cancer, stroke, or heart disease when they first volunteered, researchers found that participants who took a 30-minute nap at least thrice a week significantly lowered their risk of heart-related death by 37%.

Napping can contribute to weight loss

Another health benefit of napping is that it can contribute to weight loss. Many of us often reach for unhealthy snacks to recharge. One healthy alternative is to eliminate the exhaustion by taking some sleep. This could lessen your craving for pizza, candy bars, or brownies. Napping helps you lose those unwanted pounds by altering your metabolism

Other benefits

In addition to lower stress levels, increased alertness and productivity, cardiovascular benefits, and weight loss, napping has many other health benefits as well. According to Take a Nap! Change Your Life author Sara Mednick, a nap can sharpen your thinking, increase sex drive, regenerate skin cells, sharpen your senses, relieve migraines, and improve nighttime sleep. She adds that taking a nap can lift your mood, boost your creativity, and make you feel good.


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