What Is Halitosis?

Halitosis is a medical term used to describe bad and unpleasant odors that originate from the mouth. More commonly known as bad breath, this condition can have a significant impact on a person physically, socially, and emotionally. People consider undergoing treatment for halitosis seriously just to help improve self-image and improve confidence.

Causes of bad breath

A majority of the cases of bad breath originate from the mouth. A major cause of bad breath comes as a result of the breakdown of food in the mouth, causing the foul odor. Eating garlic and onions as well as certain vegetables and spices can cause bad breath.

These foods contain pungent oils that can be absorbed in the blood stream that can reach into the lungs. They can be given off as a foul odor in the breath until they are eliminated from the system. Other possible causes of bad breath include dental problems, oral and olfactory conditions and diseases. Dieting as well as smoking may also cause bad breath.

Symptoms of bad breath

Bad breath odor can differ in severity depending on what may be causing it. There are certain types of foul odors that can easily be attributed to the cause of bad breath. The odor can range from the mild to the most severe type.

How bad breath is diagnosed?

Self-diagnosis of bad breath can be difficult due to familiarization. The foul odor can sometimes not be detected because a person may have grown accustomed to it. It may take other people to make a person know about the condition.

Persistent cases of halitosis can be diagnosed using a halimeter to test for levels of sulfur emissions in the breath. A BANA test may also help diagnose bad breath by determining certain levels of the saliva that may indicate the presence of bad breath causing bacteria.

How to prevent bad breath?

One of the most effective ways of preventing as well as treating bad breath is by practicing good and proper oral hygiene. Regular brushing of teeth after meals can help prevent food related foul breath. Brushing the tongue can help get rid of bacteria that may cause bad breath.

Regular dental check ups may also help prevent bad breath that may be caused by certain dental problems. The use of mouthwashes as well as other dental cleaning products may also help a lot in resolving this condition.



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