How to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

Since high fructose corn syrup is found in almost everything product that is processed or package, it can be virtually impossible to avoid.  However, it is never too late to make a conscious effort to eliminate corn syrup from your diet.  Here are some effective steps in avoiding HFCS from your food consumption.

Avoid foods that have high fructose corn syrup outright

You can conclude that most processed food products have HFCS even if you cannot find a list of ingredients in its packaging.  Sodas, for instance (especially those made in the United States), contain HFCS. 

Read the label

Before buying anything, check out the label and its list of ingredients.  Many processed foods like crackers, chips, cakes, spaghetti sauce, cereal bars among others, have corn syrup in it.  If the product has HFCS in it, put it back on the shelf.  Choosing a food product that does not contain high fructose corn syrup, however, takes patience because there are only a few of them available.

Eat whole wheat

Many whole wheat versions of bread do not have high fructose corn syrup compared to white bread.  You also get an added benefit of consuming more fiber.

Go low-fat, but not fat-free

When you try to avoid having fat in your diet, it can be tempting to buy products that are labeled fat-free or light.  However, these products replace the fat with HFCS to maintain its moisture and richness.  Also, you may find in the label that such products actually have longer list of ingredients compared to low-fat or regular versions of the same products.

Go cook

It is much more recommended to cook your own food than use prepared food products.  For instance, tomato sauces in cans or jars contain high fructose corn syrup.  While many may say that prepared tomato sauce saves more time, it also takes little time and effort to chop onions and garlic, sauté them in olive oil before adding some canned tomatoes and spices.

Eat real fruit

There is nothing more nutritious than eating a freshly-squeezed orange juice compared to drinking a solution of water and powdered orange juice.  Even those "fruit flavors" in yogurt and cereals contain corn syrup yet light on the fruity goodness.  Make sure that you are buying food products that contain "real fruit."

Buy organic

Going for organic foods is your best option.  Some of the prepared organic food products contain sugar or other sweeteners but not HFCS.  It is, however, a little more expensive than regular products but the end results should be worth it.


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