What You Should Know About Pain

Pain in any form can be quite a hassle and a problem for people. Everyone goes through some form of pain in one way or the other. Having just a bit of understanding may help people realize just how pain can affect life and others around it. Here are some of the facts that people should know about pain.

Scientists don’t fully understand it.

This might be quite a surprise for many people as well as a big letdown. But yes, scientists have not yet fully known just how chronic pain really works. Sure, they know people feel and experience it, but scientists can’t quite determine just how it happens in the body and what processes are involved. Pain can be more complex that people think it is. That is what baffles scientists about it.

Women feel more pain than men.

What people may know about women and pain is that women seem to have a higher tolerance for it. One only needs to imagine the pain of childbirth and how women go through it and seem to get over it in order to understand. But women seem to feel more pain than men.

The reason for this is because women have more nerve receptors than men. To cite an example, men have 17 nerve fibers for every square centimeter of skin. Women have 34. Women seem to report experiencing more pain to their doctors as well as complain about it coming from more areas in their body and for longer periods as compared to the men.

Animals feel pain differently.

Some studies on animals have shown scientists that animals may react to some pain triggers differently from humans. In fact, some animals don’t react to such triggers at all. There are some animals that seem not to be bothered by some things that can cause pain in humans.

Some animals do not react as strongly to acids as well as substances such as chili powder as humans. Scientists believe that further studies on these may someday help discover certain therapies that may help humans overcome pain in a different way.