Boosters for People with Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can be very frustrating. People suffering from this illness have difficulty remembering things, making decisions, and finding their way around the way they used to. Below are some tips to make things feel more normal again:

Coping with memory problems

There are many things you can do to cope with your memory problems. One of the most important tips is to keep a notebook with you all the time and record important information like names, addresses, phone numbers, appointments, directions to your home, and your ideas. Using a calendar in keeping track of time and in remembering important dates is also very important.

Ask a family member or a friend to remind you of all the important tasks you need to accomplish in the day, such as appointments, medication times, and meal times. Put sticky notes around your house to remember things. You may also label drawers and cupboards with pictures or words describing their contents.

Avoiding getting lost

Alzheimer’s patients often exhibit "getting lost behavior." To prevent getting lost, ask a friend or a family member or someone else close to you to go with you whenever you leave the house. If you need any help, do not feel embarrassed to ask. Explain you have problems with your memory.

Making communicating easier

You will have an easy communication with others if you take your time and do not feel rushed. If there is a need, ask the persons you are having conversations with to repeat what they are saying. If you have difficulty grasping what they are talking about, ask them to speak slowly. Engage in a conversation in a quiet place.

Taking care of yourself at home

Your doctor or your local Alzheimer organizations will give you pointers on how to get help with such things as transportation, meals, housekeeping, and shopping. Ask a family member, a friend, or a trusted neighbor to keep your house keys. Ask them to help you organize your drawers and closets. This will make it a lot easier for you to find your belongings. Ask them to also check things out around your house like perishable food items, mails, and electrical appliances.

Managing your finances

Having an Alzheimer’s disease does not mean that you are incapable of maintaining your financial responsibilities. If you have difficulty managing your bank account and keeping records, inform your bank about it. Some banks provide special services for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. If needed, arrange for a direct deposit of checks like your Social Security benefits or your retirement pension.