Fertility Charting: Key to Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant can become a challenge for some couples. Trying to conceive may not always be easy, given that certain factors may affect the chances of a female ever getting pregnant. One way to increase the chances is by knowing these factors and working on them. Understanding how proper timing can also be used to help a woman’s chances of conceiving is also important.

For an normal fertile couple, it usually takes about an average of four to five months before a woman gets pregnant. But if a woman has a pretty good idea on when her body is fertile and tries to plan lovemaking around that time would improve the chances. One way that this can be done is through fertility charting.

Fertility Charting

Rather than leaving pregnancy solely up to chance, couples can try fertility charting in order to improve the likelihood of conceiving. Fertility charting can provide couples with a certain purpose when they plan to have a child. And it can be exciting, helping the woman better understand of how her body functions.

Basal Body Temperature

Fertility charting involves tracking a woman’s basal body temperature or BBT. The basal body temperature is the body temperature of a woman at rest. Taking this temperature for a certain period may be able to tell a woman when she is fertile. This temperature can usually be taken in the morning before one has gotten out of bed and at least after three to four hours of sleep.

Tracking Fertile Periods

A woman’s basal body temperature reading may change as a result of ovulation. When the ovary releases an egg, the hormone progesterone is also released. This hormone usually tends to make the BBT rise to about two-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit one to two days after ovulation. The rise in body temperature usually stays until the next menstrual period.

The rise of BBT occurs in two phases. The first phase, which is the period before ovulation, is the time when the egg matures and develops. The second phase consists of a relative rise in the body temperature and happens after ovulation. The key to fertility charting is to determine when a woman ovulates and to calculate the length of the cycle. This will then help couples try to schedule when to make love in order to take advantage of the time when the woman is at most fertile.