Signs of Fertility

One way to help increase the chances of women to conceive is by determining the times at which they are most fertile. Normal women usually go into a certain cycle in which they develop and release a mature egg in the ovary. As this goes on, certain physical fertility signs can be noticed that women should try to recognize to determine their fertility period. Here are some of them.

Basal Body Temperature

Basal body temperature is the term used for the temperature of the body before it has done any activity. It can also be considered as the body temperature at rest. Charting the BBT can help determine at which time a woman can be fertile.

Women may find that their BBT readings may be lower at the first period of their cycle. The reading may then rise usually two tenths of a degree Fahrenheit on the day of ovulation. This will usually stay at this level until sometime before the next period starts.

A woman may be pregnant if the BBT continually stays up past the day when the next period should have started.

Cervical Mucus

The cervical mucus is the substance that is produced by the lining on a woman’s cervical canal. It is usually produced according to the phases that involves a woman’s fertility period. After a woman’s menstruation, she will feel a period of dryness since there is no cervical mucus being produced.

Over the next several days, the cervical mucus produced may look cloudy and wet. Just before ovulation, the mucus becomes clear and slippery. It is also during this time when the mucus seems sticky and stretches in between the fingers. It is during this time when the woman is at her most fertile phase.

Cervical Position

As part of a woman’s ovulation cycle, the cervix may also change its position. When ovulating, the cervix may take a high position and may become soft. It may also open up a bit so as to accommodate the sperm cells for better access during sex.

A woman can check out the cervical position by inserting one or two fingers into her vagina. She may be able to feel the cervix somewhere at the back. It can be at a high position when the cervix seems hard to reach and may feel soft and moist to the touch. This is the time when the woman is at her most fertile period.


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