Why Buy Organic Food?

You have heard about organic foods but you do not have an idea why we should purchase them.  Sure, you have heard that these are more beneficial to our health and to the environment, but that is just as far as you know.  If you still wonder why we should purchase organic foods whenever possible, here are the most important reasons.

Protect the health of your children

Foods that are grown in conventional farming methods, including pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones, contain trace amounts of harmful substances that put your children at risk.  Children are exposed to pesticides from food up to four times more than adults, primarily because they have higher metabolisms and smaller body mass.

Protect your own health

There may be a lot of pesticides and other chemicals that are banned in the United States and Canada, but these substances are exported to other countries for their own farms.  Foreign crops shipped to North America are more likely grown using these banned chemicals.

Safeguard the farmers’ health

Studies show that farmers using conventional methods of growing crops are six times more vulnerable to cancer compared to non-farmers.  These farmers are exposed to large quantities of fertilizers and pesticides that are often distributed by air.

Keep the soil healthy

Conventional farming methods have caused more harm to agricultural soil, primarily erosion.  Over three billion tons of topsoil is lost every year in United States and Canada because of these harmful methods.

Keep water pure

Pesticides not only go to crops but also seep deep into the soil, even to the point of contaminating groundwater, which may end up on your tap.  Meanwhile, bodies of water such as lakes and rivers that are contaminated with pesticides have a rapid growth rate of algae, which suffocates natural aquatic plants and animals.

Conserve oil

Conventional farming methods also make use of large quantities of oil.  They use large machines that churn out tons of oil in order to raise or harvest crops, while utilizing petroleum-based herbicides to kill weeds.  This is in stark contrast to organic farming, which uses practices that are labor-intensive such as removing weeds by hand.

Fight global warming

Fertilizers based on petroleum may give out nitrogen that plants need for rapid growth, but these same nitrogen compounds also contribute greatly to global warming. 


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