Fitness Tips for Teens

Nowadays, kids are having a hard time to stay fit. This is because of the fact that after school, there are several activities that they have to accomplish, ranging from homeworks to out-of-school activities.

But whenever they exercise, it may not be sufficient for them when it all accounts to staying fit and all that. One of these exercises that fall under this category is running. It may be good for them, but it may not be enough.

Aerobic activities before strength training

One of the things many people usually ask when it comes to this matter is that, "What is the best thing to do?" For starters, let yourself begin with an aerobic activity. As much as possible, make that add up to about an hour in your daily exercise routine.

Running, biking, and even dancing are just some of the examples of aerobic activity. After that, allow yourself to build up some strength training. In other words, these are the type of exercise that allows you to build up your muscles.

Performing flexibility exercises

In order to attain a well-rounded exercise, do some flexibility exercises. This allows you to flex and stretch your muscles, making them stay fit. One way to do this is by doing yoga training. Yoga is the best form of flexing exercise.

Other types of exercises that you can try at home

The sit backs

For the primary position, you have to sit down on the floor with your legs bent and arms straight in front. From this position, lean back slowly, with your arms straight and your stomach tight. Lean back as far as you can then move back to sitting position. Repeat the same movement.

Doing chair squats

Place a chair in front of you and stand in front of it. With arms straight front, sit down slowly until your butt hits the chair. Then slowly move back to standing position. Repeat the same movement afterwards.

The butterfly breath

Stand tall with your arms sidewards and make sure your feet are at the same width as your hips. Then lift your right knee and make sure it touches your left elbow. Do this while you are exhaling. Upon inhaling, go back to your primary position. Do the same movement, but this time switch sides. Repeat the whole routine afterwards.


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