Exercise Logs for Teens

One of the best ways to stay fit is by getting enough daily exercise. As much as possible, teens are recommended to have at least 60 minutes of strenuous activity on an everyday basis. That is why it is best that they keep an exercise log for themselves.

The good thing about an exercise log is that it helps teens stay motivated throughout their whole routine. In addition to this, it aids them in achieving their goals regarding getting fit. So if you miss your Tuesday exercise, you can do it on the following day.

The best combination of exercise is strength training, aerobic activities, and flexibility training. This is how important an exercise log is. Moreover, if you want to go to the gym to perform your daily exercises, you can ask for the assistance of a coach or a trainer.

Below are the things that you can put in your exercise log.

Doing logs on your aerobic activites, strength training and flexibility 

For this part of your routine, make sure  to do it for about three times in a week. Make it a point that in the in-between days, your muscle gets enough rest. Additionally, concentrate on your upper body, your legs and your abdominal muscles.

Before starting on your strength exercises, be sure to warm yourself up with a light aerobic exercise. And once you finish with your strength training, do some flexibility exercise. To know whether some of the activities you do are suitable for your age, talk to an instructor or doctor about it.

Other activities that you can do

Always make sure that your daily routine involves activities that make your heart pumping. Basic examples of these are playing basketball or even playing a simple outdoor game. As long as it keeps your heart rate up and going, such an activity will be good for you.

In doing some stretching exercises, the best thing that you can do is to perform some yoga poses. Even by just incorporating some of it in your routine will prove helpful. You can even consult a doctor or a professional about this to know more stretching positions that is good for you.

Putting these in your exercise log

Write down all the exercise activities in a notebook. With the strength training, flexibility, or aerobic activity at the header. Below, make a list of all the activities that you are to perform or have performed on that day.

Also, make a reflection of your daily routine. If it is under strength training, then try to put your reflections on it. This comes most particularly if an activity felt uncomfortable for you. Avoid doing a particular workout if you find it painful.


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