Treatment for Your Tennis Elbow

If you have been playing tennis, you may have felt an unbearable pain on your elbow that only goes worse as you move your wrist.  You are probably suffering from lateral epicondylitis, also known as “inflammation to the outside elbow bone” or simply “tennis elbow.”


A tennis elbow is a condition wherein the outer part of your elbow becomes painful and tender.  Although this injury is common among tennis players, it can actually happen to almost anybody.

This injury is caused by a repetitive stress on the muscles connected to the lateral epicondyle (the outer part of your elbow).  Too much stress on these muscles could lead to microtearing, which in turn cause pain on the outer elbow.

Its symptoms include pain on the outer part of the elbow, tenderness over the bone on the outer elbow, pain as you perform gripping movements and wrist extensions like pouring a pitcher, and morning stiffness.


Treating an arm suffering from a tennis elbow includes traditional methods like modification of exercises, use of over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen, placing a bag of ice over the elbow, and total rest.  Other patients also look into alternative treatments like acupuncture, splinting, and herbal remedies.  However, it is very much recommended to consult your physician or physical therapist about your injury before having it treated.

It would also help to identify what causes the pain.  Have your tennis coach evaluate how you stroke the racket, especially your backhand.  A poor technique could cause you injury and your coach would guide you in making the changes needed to reduce pain and perfect your game at the same time.


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