Banana Diet

What if somebody tells you that one fruit holds the key to quick weight loss?  It may be too good to be true, but is there anything bad about eating a particular kind of fruit in your diet?

The gist

A very popular fad diet has been sweeping Japan for years and it is neither low-fat nor low-carb, but they are definitely go bananas over it.  The Banana Diet, created by a husband and wife team, became so popular that bananas became a rarity in Japanese grocery stores due to high demand.  The diet lets you eat only bananas at breakfast, and then eat normally through the rest of the day.

But why banana and not, say, apple can speed up your weight loss?  The scientific reason behind this diet is still being formed, but health experts have theorized the primary reasons. 

For one, bananas are said to have a particular enzyme that promotes bowel movement and enhances digestion.  The other reason is that bananas contain a type of starch that is resistant to digestion.  This nutrient possesses similar qualities to fiber.

You start with one of two bananas as your breakfast, followed by drinking a glass of room-temperature water.  You can then whatever you like except for dairy, alcohol, or other distraction

Advantages and disadvantages

Just like any other fruit, bananas are generally healthy for your body.  Bananas contain fiber, potassium, and enough calories to get you up and going.  However, it is just like any other fad diet because it promotes restrictive eating (in this case, only on breakfast). 

You need to realize that although bananas can be good for you, you cannot look at a banana as some sort of a magic pill to shed those unwanted pounds.  Also, a breakfast solely on bananas would lead to drastic drops in blood sugar levels.


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