Getting Regular Checkups

Getting regular checkups are prudent, regardless of age. Even if you are young, healthy and energetic, you should still see your doctor on a regular basis.

Studies show that those who get regular checkups are likely to be healthier than those who do not.

Reasons why you should see your doctor regularly

Regular checkups allows you to get vaccinated on time.

You can avoid getting a disease.

Regular visits also means you can get age-appropriate screening tests.

For instance, pap smear tests may help prevent cervical cancer. Breast exams detect signs of breast cancer.

Risks factors that raise your chances of developing a disease are identified early on.

Early detection of risk factors may prevent the disease from ever developing. Also, early detection of symptoms increases your chances of getting cured.

Regular checkups gives your doctor a more comprehensive medical history which is very useful should you develop a serious medical condition.

Checkups for different people

The frequency of your checkups depend on your age, gender and medical issues.

Young people

For young and healthy individuals, you should have a family doctor or general practitioner who can keep your immunizations and/or vaccinations up-to-date, give you flu shots, and prescribe medications. You should also have a dentist who can give your regular cleanings and checkups.

For women, you should also have a gynecologist who can give you gyn care, as well as pap smears and pelvic exams.

Getting older

As you get older, you will need to get checkups more often and see different doctors and specialists.

If you are a middle-aged woman for instance, you might need to see, apart from your family doctor or general practitioner, and dentist, a OB/Gyn, a doctor who can expertly administer breast exams, endocrinologist, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, etc.

You will need to arm yourself with information from each doctor’s appointment. Know the reason for your visit, why you are ordered to take certain tests, and of course keep copies of your test results. It’s best to have all of these with you, in case you need them in future. Keep your doctors informed about these as well. It is best that they are on the same page.

Wannabe moms

For women who are planning to have babies, ask your doctor or medical practitioner on how you can prepare for a healthy pregnancy before you become pregnant. Experts suggest that women should make preconception visits to their doctor because there are steps (to have a healthy baby) that women should take before the first few weeks of pregnancy.

For example, the harmful effects of drugs have their strongest effect on a developing fetus, so it is best to get it out of your system before you conceive. Experts say that your prenatal visit (first visit after discovering you are pregnant) may already be too late for an optimal outcome.


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