Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Vacations

Tameka Raymond, wife of R&B superstar Usher Raymond, had medical emergency due to complications from a routine surgery in Brazil. Tameka Raymond’s condition is now stable, according to reports. However, her ordeal had people taking a closer (and wary) look at "cosmeic vacations."

Cosmetic vacations, basically mean having cosmetic surgeries done outside the US, where recovery time is spent in a resort of sorts. lays down the pros and cons.


Hassle free

Going on cosmetic vacations is a breeze as there are "specialized" travel agencies dedicated "medical tourism" to help you with everything from choosing your doctor, to booking your hotel.

Privacy and comfort

Here’s the vacation part of this cosmetic surgery trip – spending your recovery time away from prying (and sometimes judgmental eyes), on a beach or poolside. Nice.


Common surgeries like liposuction, butt, bust and face lifts cost much, much less in Brazil and Thailand than in the US, and are performed by equally accredited physicians.



True. ‘accredited’ physicians perform the cosmetic procedures. However, foreign standards do not always level with stringent US regulations, thus the risk a of botched job, is high. A plastic surgery gone wrong can even be life threatening. Also, the results of a botched job can leave you physically and emotionally scarred for life.

Search for a doctor that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) or the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISPAPS).


In the case of Tameka Raymond, her plastic surgery scare resulted in her husband’s canceled Grammy performance, which left thousands of fans feeling letdown.


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