Ways to Show Appreciation

Whether it is your best friend helping you with your project, your little brother preparing your sandwich, or your boyfriend/girlfriend staying up late just to listen to your frustrations, you have to show appreciation. Letting them know you appreciate all their efforts is telling them that you care and what they do for you really matters. Here are some tips to help teens show appreciation:

Tell how much you appreciate the person

Showing appreciation does not mean going to a store and sweating out for the perfect gift to give. There is also no need to do anything extraordinary to show you appreciate someone. You do not need to cross the ocean or fly to the moon just to say you appreciate them.

Showing appreciation should be effortless. Sincere words can be enough. No need to be overly dramatic. Thank the people close to you for all the things they do. It is also important that you let them know you really appreciate them even if they are not doing anything in particular.

Stay positive

Staying positive is crucial when showing appreciation. Although no one is perfect, focus on the good things people do. Seeing the beautiful side of life will help you in showing appreciation. Dwelling on negativity will only make you a sad person who is not capable of appreciation.

Spend time with them

Scheduling a special time with people whose efforts you appreciate can be a great gift you can give them. Ask them out for lunch or dinner, surprise them with a visit to their houses (or invite them to come over), or help them with their homeworks. You can also spend the weekend somewhere (a place you all want to go to) or participate in special activities they enjoy.

Always listen

Showing appreciation is not a one-time event. Show a person you appreciate him/her by always having time to listen to him/her whenever possible. This is a sign that you value and care for the person you are appreciating.

Do something for them, without them asking

Sometimes, appreciation is best appreciated by doing something to those you are grateful to, without them asking. For example, express your appreciation to your mother by driving your little brother to and from the school for a day or two, cooking dinner for the family, or doing a chore that she really dislikes doing. Making initiatives to do something will let people know you appreciate all the things they do for you.


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