Social Drug Use May Stop If Family Pressures

Some people believe that recreational or social drug use is okay, as long as you are not hooked, dependent, addicted – yet.

Many social drug users know that you get to the ‘yet’ in no time at all, and become dependent. It does not necessarily mean though, that once you started using, that’s the end for you. It’s not. But, as noted in Davidson et al. 1993, "the initial experiences of a drug does not necessary lead to regular use but the magnitude of a positive experience with the initial use of cocaine has a marked effect on the escalation, or problematic use."

Family Intervention

The World Health Organization created broad categories of drug use. Recreational drug use is comes in second, next only to experimental drug use.

Recreational drug use is when someone uses it for some purposed, such as for recreation, but does not cause problems for the use.

Experimental drug use is when the user might or might not continue.

Most experts believe that a recreational user may stop – that it’s not too late for them – if their family intervenes.

There are a number of intervention programs available. You may go to one with your whole family to help deal with a member’s recreational drug use before it escalates and spirals out of control.