How to Deploy The Power of The Teen Brain

Most teenagers today think that what they are being taught in high school is useless. Mostly because they discern from their parents that the stuff they learn in high school is not being utilized or applied in "real life" (meaning work and life in general).

Better career opportunities

True, when you finally land a job at some big time corporation, nobody is going to ask you "when did Alexander the Great invade Persia?"

But before you land that job, you have to have fairly decent grades in high school. Good high school grades may mean better chances at being accepted by a really good university or college. A good college education may mean better chances at landing a good job.

Brain exercise

Some schools allow their students to choose their subjects during high school to ‘match’ the course they will be taking in college. This system makes sense.

Still, it is wise to take the rest of your high school subjects as this will afford you a wider field of knowledge.

Then there are those mandatory high school subjects such as math/algebra that many people actually consider useless, because in all fairness, nobody is going to ask you to, say come up with a brilliant marketing strategy or a stunning ad campaign with something that vaguely resembles π. That’s Pi, remember?

True. But what youngsters fail to understand is that, these subjects are not created to fill their heads with useless crap. According to Clint Cora, a motivational speaker, author and martial arts karate world champion, these subjects actually "teach us to think at higher levels."

They exercise the brain, challenge it and sharpen the mind. And in no way can a sharp mind be considered useless. See: How and What To Study For High School Success.

You use your mind in every important decision that you make, from plotting your career path, to churning out idea after idea in your field of work, to making wise investments.

Now, won’t you rather study algorithms and Pythagorean theorems than experience your mind deteriorate as time went on?


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