Debunking The 5 Second Rule

Everybody knows about this rule. It is widely practiced. Even parents do it. You’ve probably done it before.

There’s an unwritten rule that says: if you drop your food, it’s still okay to eat it, as long as you pick it up in 5 seconds or less.

The question is, is it true?

Unfortunately, no.

Scientists have already tested the 5-second rule and discovered that bacteria can stick to your food even if your pick it up within 5 seconds.

Which leads us to this question: can your food get enough bacteria to make you sick?

Scientists say: it’s possible. And this is why if you drop your food, forget about it. Or pick it up and drop it in the proper place – the trash can.

Keep in mind the following things the next time you drop your food:

A spotless surface, like a clean-looking floor, is may not really be clean.

A floor that looks clean may actually contain bacteria. You can only see these germs under a microscope. Without one, you can’t tell how many germs are there. There are germs that can survive for a long time on the floor. So there’s a good chance that your kitchen floor and your cafeteria floor in school have germs.

Make it quick.

If you drop your food, remember this: the longer you leave food on the floor, the more bacteria it will collect. If you pick it up after just a couple of seconds (if you can pick it up in just 1 second, even better!), the less bacteria it will collect.

Bacteria can stick to your food the moment it hits the floor. And, if you’re unlucky, it may already be contaminated. Bacteria sticks to foods that have wet surfaces the easiest. If you drop a slice of fruit for instance, it is best to just dispose of it.

Lastly, remember that although some bacteria are harmless, there are others that can make you sick with stuff like diarrhea. So the next time you drop you favorite foods in the entire world, the safest thing you can do is to just chuck it out. Either that, or risk getting diarrhea.


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