How to Be a Fit Child

Being young, kids don’t really need to think about things like fitness. You have your parents, pediatrician, teachers and your school’s health care people to do that.

But even though you’re still small, you could also learn how to be fit this early on so you can carry this healthy practice until you grow up. Plus, being fit while you’re still a kid is cool! Why? Because you’re body is working so well, you always feel good, get sick less often and you get to play with your friends more often!

Here’s how you to become a fit kid, and help your mom and dad make healthy options for you:

Eat different kinds of foods

You should eat different kinds of foods so you can get as much nutrients as possible. Your body needs these nutrients to help you grow, and become strong and healthy. You should also eat lots of fruits and vegetables. To make sure you’re getting enough fruits and veggies, keep this in mind: five servings per day.

Drink lots of water and milk

Water keeps you from feeling thirsty and keeps your body hydrated – that means your body has enough water in it to work well. You should also drink plenty of milk. Milk has calcium that your bones need for them to grow strong. You can also drink juices – just make sure they’re 100% juices which have plenty of nutrients in them. Some drinks, like sodas, have a lot of sugar in them which is not healthy for you.

Listen to your body

Remember what it feels like when you’re full. The next time you’re eating pay attention to how your body feels when it starts to fill-up. When you already feel full but still comfortable. That’s when you know you’re finish eating. There are some people who ignore their already full tummies, that they end up eating way too much. Not only is eating too much uncomfortable, it can also lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Don’t watch too much TV

Sure there’s a lot nice TV shows and video games right now, and they make staying indoors seem like a good idea. Don’t. Put your PSP down. Turn Disney or Nickelodeon off. TV and video games take the time that you could spend outside playing with your friends, catching some fresh air and getting some physical activity. Limit your TV and video game time to two hours only.

Be active

It healthy for kids to be active. Physical activities like playing games and sports keep you from gaining unhealthy weight, and keeps your bones and muscles strong. Besides, aren’t sports and games what being a kid is all about? Don’t miss out on these things because of some video game!So go outside and play games with your friends. Run around and have fun! And when your mom and dad says "TV time or video game time is up," listen.


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