Is Dieting for Kids?

First things first. The word "diet" actually refers to the food we eat. Over the years though, this word has come to mean ‘trying to lose weight’ either by actually eating less food or narrowing your food choices to foods that are low in calories. Calories are a kind of unit of measurement for energy.

Some grownups and kids worry about their weight. Grownups go on a diet like this to try to lose weight. But how about kids? Should they go on such a diet? Usually, kids do not need to go on a diet like that.

Why kids do not necessarily have to diet

Kids, unlike grownups, are still growing and still developing, and they need plenty of nutrients to keep their bodies developing properly. These nutrients come from different kinds foods. If a kid tries to lessen his/her calorie intake by narrowing his/her food choices, he/she may not get enough nutrients that his/her body needs to grow strong and healthy.

When do kids need to go on a diet?

There are instances, however, when kids need to go on a diet. These instances include being way to overweight and obese. To know if you’re at an unhealthy weight, ask your doctor. He/she will look check your body mass index, which is a way to estimate how much body fat you have. If your doctor finds something to be concerned about, he/she may recommend:

  • slow down the pace of your weight gain.

  • Maintain your current weight.

  • Lose some weight, but with the help of your doctor.

Your doctor may recommend that you go see a dietitian who can explain to you how to reduce calories safely, and without losing important nutrients.

Stay away from dangerous diets

Some diets limit calorie intake and narrow down food choices so much that hardly any nutrients are received by the body. And since calories are reduced, your body gets little fuel or energy. If a kid goes on such a diet, his/her health will be compromised.

Aside from diets, supplements such as diet pills and drinks, are popular among desperate dieters. Most of these supplements are either just quick-fixes or gimmicks. They do not actually make people lose weight. Worse, some of them contain ingredients that may bad for the health.


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