The Biggest Loser May Not Be an Inspiration

The growing population of obese and morbidly obese Americans has elicited inspiration from a television production company to come up with a reality show that competes people with excessive weight problems to lose weight for a large sum of money as a prize. 

Since then, "The Biggest Loser" has drawn audiences around the country as they witness the weight loss journeys of its many contestants, most of whom have shown tremendously positive results.

However, several health experts disagree with the way the contestants lose weight.  What do they find about "The Biggest Loser" that disturbs them?  Here are some of their criticisms.

Quick weight loss

Critics agree that losing weight should not happen virtually overnight, as some contestants have shown losing astounding amounts of weight in a relative short time period.  It may inspire others who watch the show to try and lose their excessive weight, but health experts warn people not to rush in when it comes to weight loss, claiming that losing weight too fast and too soon may even lead to health complications like severe diarrhea, extreme water loss, and even malnutrition.

Provides a negative impression about weight loss

Viewers may think that it is okay for morbidly obese people to workout for six to eight hours a day, but health experts claim otherwise.  The length of exercise, according to them, should be done in a manner that tolerable to the person. 

For instance, a 300-pound man may not have the endurance to ride a stationary bike for two straight hours.  And because the show often displays its contestants in excruciating pain as they exercise, critics say that it provides a negative impression to the audience that exercise has to be painful. 

They also claim that "The Biggest Loser" suggests that weight loss has to do with eating foods that you never enjoy and that losing less than 10 pounds a week is considered a failure.  Both impressions, according to health experts, are completely false.

Most of the time, the contestants are on their own

The show’s fitness trainers are visibly available during the exercise sessions with the contestants.  However, when it comes to eating healthily, there is no other mentor who would help the contestants create their meals. 

The contestants are on their own when cooking their own food.  And although they are provided with a calorie budget or a minimum number of calories they are supposed to consume daily, they end up creating meals that either have too much or too little calories because there is no chef, dietician, nor even a calorie calculator to help them prepare foods in health yet appetizing ways.

The contestants still resort to quick-fix dieting

When a team loses a challenge, they are given a "last chance" workout session wherein the contestants have a final opportunity to lose weight before the weigh-in.  However, many of the contestants resort to short-term dieting like fasting, binging on asparagus, or drinking black coffee all day just to have a much lower weight.  Health experts are alarmed by this practice, as these temporary weight loss fixes are considered unhealthy and even dangerous.


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