What Is a Meningioma?

A meningioma is a type of tumor that develops from the meninges, the membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord. While most cases of meningioma are non-cancerous, there are some that can become malignant growths. Even benign meningiomas can affect some people when they exert considerable pressure on the brain tissue or on the spinal cord.

Causes of meningioma?

The main cause of meningioma is not yet exactly clear. Doctors believe that certain functions in the body changes that can lead to cells in the meninges to multiply uncontrollably, leading to a tumor to develop.

Although the exact cause of meningiomas remain unknown, factors such as radiation exposure, certain nervous system disorders as well as female hormones have been identified to play a role in the development of the said tumors.

Symptoms of meningioma?

Some people with meningioma may not experience any symptoms. Common symptoms of meningioma are usually a result of the pressure that they may exert on the surrounding brain tissue or on the spinal cord.

Some of the symptoms may include experiencing seizures, worsening headaches, hearing and vision trouble, memory loss, and weakness in the arms and legs. Meningiomas are considered as slow growing tumors and so symptoms may gradually worsen over time.

How meningioma is diagnosed?

If a doctor observes certain abnormalities during examination, a brain scan may be ordered to further determine problems. Common measures include taking magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT) scans of the brain to detect any meningiomas.

How to treat omeningioma?

Treating a meningioma may depend on how it affects the patient. Small and slow growing meningiomas that do not cause problematic symptoms usually require no treatment. Surgery to remove the tumor may be recommended for meningiomas that are growing and may be causing symptoms. This may carry certain risks and so should be considered by the patient thoroughly before being decided upon.

Other associated treatments may include radiation therapy to prevent meningioma growth and radiosurgery which involves the use of powerful radiation beams aimed at precise targets.


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