How to Fight Depression

Teenagers are in one of the most crucial stages in their lives. They are in a phase where societal pressures are strongest. Failure to meet expectations may depress the teens. Feeling lowly is a normal emotion, but depression is something else. It can destroy your life.

You have to do something if you feel depressed. Do not ignore it. It does not just go away overnight. In addition to seeking help from your doctor or therapist, below are 5 things that can help you feel better and fight depression:

Do not dwell on the problems

You have to recognize that there are some things that have contributed to your feeling depressed. After you identify the troubles, you have to talk about them with a caring person. Talking is a very effective way to express your feelings and release all your burdens. It is also a good way to receive some understanding.

Do not dwell on the negative. Look at the brighter side. Focus your attention to positive things and do something to solve your problems. Seek help if you think you need it. Stay connected to your family and friends. This will help relieve your depression.

Express yourself

Exercising your imagination (drawing, doodling, painting, writing, dancing, sewing, composing music, etc.) will not only get your creative juices flowing; it will also give you some positive emotions. Play with your pet or go out with friends. Smile often. Watch a funny movie or TV show. Look for something to laugh about. As the cliché goes, laughter is the best medicine.

Stay active

Do something physical when you are feeling down. Take a 20-minute brisk walk daily. You may also want to jog, dance, or bike. Many people who are down in the dumps are not motivated to engage in physical activities. But exercise can help you relieve feelings of depression. Meditation and breathing exercises can also help you feel better.

Maintain a healthy diet

Depression can affect your appetite. Some people who suffer from depression deprive themselves of food, while others binge. If you are feeling depressed, you have to be very mindful of what you eat. Make sure that you get the right nourishment as it revs up your body and improves your mood. So you must get regular meals and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.


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