How to Eat Beans with Less Fatulence

For vegetarians, beans are one of the best sources for protein. It is also packed with fiber and other nutrients. However, eating beans has one major problem: it causes smelly stomach gas. In other words, it makes you flatulent, which can be very embarrassing.

Because of this, many vegetarians give up eating beans, while dieters who are new to vegetarianism may suddenly eat a greater amount of legumes and leave their bodies a little time to adapt.

Why beans cause gas?

Beans contain oligosaccharide, a type of sugar that our body lacks enough enzymes to break it down. Once this sugar comes to the large intestines, it ferments thus causing gas buildup. And because the gas is not absorbed by the body, we expel it as flatulence and it can be noisy and awkward.

Eliminating gas

It may appear to be a hopeless case, but there is a way to eat beans without causing gas. You have to cook your own beans from scratch; this means that you should not purchase canned beans. Instead, start by choosing younger beans. The lighter the beans, and the fewer the cracks, the younger these are.

Soak the fresh bean thoroughly in tap water to allow the oligosaccharides come out. Change the soaking water a few more times to avoid the sugar getting absorbed again in the legumes.

You also need to cook your beans slowly on low flame, then add a spice called "asafetida" or "kombu," which is derived from kelp. If that is unavailable, you can mix the beans with baking soda to break the sugar some more. Once cooked, rinse the beans thoroughly and eliminate any trace of oligosaccharides. From there, you can then mix it with your favorite chili or any other dish.

You can also mash your beans to make it more digestible, or better yet chew your beans well.