5 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch

A lot of schools got a lot of flack for offering unhealthy food choice. Because a lot of that, a lot of schools are trying to improve their lunch programs and offer better and healthier food choices. But though they offer, healthier meals now, they still provide less healthy options, and it’s easy to make the wrong choice.

If you’d rather eat healthy meals, the solution is to pack your lunch – at least twice a week.


Instead of waiting in line for eternity only to find you don’t like what’s on the day’s menu, packing your own lunch gives you control over what you’re going to eat. Aside from that, it also keeps you from going for unhealthy foods when you don’t like what’s being served, and avoid long cafeteria lines.


While your tongue has not grown tire of the taste of pizza after having it for lunch for three straight days, your body sure is. Bringing your own pack lunch to school offers you the chance to eat foods other than pizza.


If you have something physically taxing to do after school, best to eat something to boost yor energy levels. Probably nothing on your school’s menu can help you with that. Pack you own lunch with energy giving foods like lean proteins and carbohydrates. For snacks, you may want to go for dried fruits, nuts, whole grain pretzels and low-fat cheese, or carrots and non-fat or low-fat yogurt dip.


Add to your cash stash by packing your own lunch. This way you won’t be tempted to head out of the campus to get something to eat (which definitely costs more than school food) or reach for the vending machine to for soda and chips.

Go nostalgic

Packing your own lunch kind of brings back memories of the times when your mom or dad used to do it for you, doesn’t it? Especially when you pack yourself some of your childhood favorites like BLTs or chicken drumsticks.


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