What Is Anti-Social Personality Disorder

Anti-social personality disorder is a chronic mental disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of utter disregard or violation of the rights of others that starts during childhood and continues on until adulthood. People with anti-social personality disorder usually have no regard for what is right or wrong. People with this condition usually have a difficult time conforming to social norms and respect for accepted rules and lawful behavior, leading them to behave violently and commit unlawful acts.

Causes of anti-social personality disorder

Although the actual cause of anti-social personality disorder remains unknown, doctors believe that it may be a combination of factors based on genetics and the environment. The condition may develop as a result of genes inherited from parents or from certain events that occur as the person grows up and the type of relationships he or she gets to experience.

Symptoms of anti-social personality disorder

The usual symptoms associated with anti-social personality disorder include a history of poor behavioral conduct usually affecting other people surrounding the patient. One may have the inability to hold on to jobs or stay in school and can’t tolerate boredom. They display apparent lack of empathy towards others, usually resulting in committing violations against other people without any tinge of remorse. People with anti-social personality disorders are unable to maintain relationships or friendships.

How anti-social personality disorder is diagnosed?

People with anti-social personality disorders are diagnosed according to the symptoms that they show. Diagnosis usually includes running a series of medical and psychological tests in order to eliminate other possible causes of the condition that may show similar symptoms. Laboratory tests may also be taken to rule out substance or alcohol abuse as well as thyroid problems. Medical professionals may also make use of the DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders to diagnose the said condition.

How to treat of anti-social personality disorder?

There is no specific treatment for anti-social personality disorder. It usually consists of a a series or treatments that consist of psychotherapy, stress and anger management as well as medication and hospitalization for the most serious of cases. Treating this disorder would also include the collaboration of different specialists attending to the psychiatric, medical and social needs of patients.


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