What Is Schizoid Personality Disorder

A schizoid personality disorder is a condition generally characterized by an excessive lack of interest in building social relationship and a tendency towards following a solitary lifestyle and purposely avoiding social interaction with others. People with this condition also tend to be secretive and emotionally cold towards other people. It is considered to be not as prevalent as other forms of personality disorders.

Causes of schizoid personality disorder

The underlying cause behind schizoid personality disorder remains unknown. And similar to the other forms of personality disorders, experts believe that the condition may be brought about by a combination of certain genetic and environmental factors.

Symptoms of schizoid personality disorder

The general symptom associated with schizoid personality disorder is that they shun social interaction. People with the disorder are usually loners and highly prize their own independence and solitude. Such people may also have difficulties responding to common cues in a social setting such as giving thanks or saying sorry to others. They are also not capable of initiating or maintaining relationships with other people.

How schizoid personality disorder is diagnosed?

Diagnosis for schizoid personality disorder involves a thorough physical and psychological evaluation. This usually involves interviewing the patient and assessing medical, psychiatric and social history. Diagnosis of the condition is also determined through criteria as provided by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM.

How to treat schizoid personality disorder?

Treating a schizoid personality disorder in patients tend to be difficult since it might be quite a challenge for doctors to acquire the cooperation of patients not keen on building a social relationship with medical professionals or with any other people for that matter. Treatment may usually be possible due to the insistence of the patient’s family or being forced to do so. But even then, doctors may have trouble communicating with the patients as they usually display a detached and uncaring attitude.

Treatment for the condition may involve a combination of different methods aimed to the different aspects associated with the condition. Medications may be prescribed if patients display symptoms of anxiety or depression. Another treatment is psychotherapy focusing on adjusting ways of thinking as well as behavior associated with the condition. Group therapy may also be used to help patients learn how to socially interact with other people.



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