Having a Healthy Breakfast

Health experts have been right about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.  However, it is also just as important to be conscious of what you eat on your first meal of the day.  For instance, the traditional deck of pancakes with maple syrup on top has to go.  Instead, you could follow these great suggestions to have a hearty breakfast while still losing weight.

Eliminate fast food

Fast food may be convenient, but they are not the healthiest food options. It is better to create your own breakfast right at home, making sure that the meal would fuel your day. A sugary donut could not do it, but a small bowl of whole-grain, unsweetened cereals can do the trick.

Count your calories, even the healthy ones

Even the foods deemed healthy can be too much for breakfast.  For instance, a 6-ounce glass of grocery-bought fruit juice contains between 80 to 100 calories, mainly because of the added sugar that would spike your blood sugar and insulin levels.  It is better to either drink a glass of water before drinking the juice-which makes you drink less juice-or eating real fruits instead to curb your appetite.

Be picky

Remember that when eating out on a restaurant, you are not required to order everything that is featured on the menu.  For example, you can order eggs for breakfast without the usual side of bacon.  You can also ask the staff if they can provide alternatives, such as egg whites instead of scrambled eggs.  You may even request for item that are not on the menu but are available when asked for it, such as yogurt, fruit, whole wheat bagel, or cottage cheese.

Also, do not accept having side orders in your plate.  Hash browns, home fries, breakfast meats like ham, and other butter-laden starchy and fatty treats are your downfalls in dieting.  These are not only high in fat, but also in sodium and calories.  If you cannot help but having breakfast meat to start your day, choose Canadian bacon, which could save you hundreds of calories.

Choose a single spread

Drooling for a peanut butter-jelly sandwich?  Sad to say, but the fat-laden spread has got to go.  Choose all-natural fruity spreads as your sandwich add-on of choice.  It can be just as tasty without the added fat.

Cook with healthier alternatives

When planning to cook an omelet for breakfast, prepare using healthier alternatives and you will be amazed at the amount of calories saved and the taste you still retain.  For instance, use one whole egg and two egg whites instead of the traditional three-egg variety, then add some reduced-fat cheese and even some vegetables.  Sprinkle it with imitation bacon, which is made of soy, for that bacon flavor without the unnecessary fat.

Do not indulge on breakfast breads too much

Breads that you usually eat during breakfast like croissants, muffins, donuts, and cinnamon buns would have to be relegated as your once-a-week or even monthly indulgences.  You also need to be careful with the non-fat varieties as they often contain more sugar than the regular counterparts, while its fat replacements may even significantly increase their calorie count.

Choose healthier cereals and milk

If you have been used to eating cold cereals to start the day, perhaps you may want to consider consuming hot cereals like oatmeal.  It is rich in fiber, keeps you feeling full, and helps reduce cholesterol.  Also, you need to read the label to determine which cereal is good for you.  For instance, "made with whole grains" on the label is not the same as the healthier version "100% whole grain."

Meanwhile, milk drinkers should try downing on 2% milk, then working onto drinking 1% milk after a few weeks before finally settling to non-fat milk.  If you find non-fat milk too weak, consider going back to 1% milk.


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