How to Add More Vegetables in Your Diet

Losing weight is more than just counting calories, but also creating a more balanced meal.  You need to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet, but what if you have difficulty choosing vegetables over a piece of steak?  Here are some life-changing tips so that you can have your veggies in your diet.

Drink vegetable juice instead of soda

You have probably heard of V8 vegetable juice or some tomato juice.  You can drink these sweet-tasting beverages instead of your usual soda during meals or even on their own.  Each 8-ounce glass of V8 contains two full servings of vegetables.  You can also count vegetable soup as a serving of veggies as well.

Cheat yourself into eating vegetables

If you find vegetables to be unpalatable, you can cheat your tongue into eating vegetables.  Pour drops of maple syrup on carrots, or eat green beans with chopped nuts.

Have a three-bean salad

Mix three different cans of beans, then top it with Italian dressing.  Eat an appropriate portion of this three-bean salad everyday.

Have some sweet potato

Usually dismissed by low-carb diet advocates simply because of its carbohydrate content, the sweet potato actually contains complex carbohydrates, which you can eat as substitute for fatty foods.  It also contains dietary fiber (more fiber than oatmeal when eaten with the skin), naturally-occurring sugars, protein, twice the recommended daily allowance for vitamins A, 42 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin C, four times the RDA of beta carotene, iron, and calcium.  All of these benefits for just 130 to 160 calories.

Have prebagged or precut veggies

Many people are discouraged to eat vegetables because they think preparing them can be too taxing.  Instead, buy some prebagged vegetables that you can easily incorporate into every meal:  baby spinach in hot pasta, stir fried vegetables straight out of the bag.

Frozen veggies can help too

Mix any combination from a set of seven frozen vegetables you keep in the freezer, and then top it with your favorite low-fat dressing.  Enjoy a cup of mixed veggies every meal and make a great quickie dinner.


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