Self Esteem for Teens

Lizzie has trouble concentrating on her studies. She is thinking she may not do well on her test, just as she may not be able to pass the tryouts for the women’s basketball team. With her skinny frame, she believes she cannot make it. What is troubling Lizzie has something to do with self-image or the way she perceives herself. This self-image or our perception of ourselves is one of the contributing factors to self-esteem.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is all about our own self-worth. It shows how much we value and love ourselves. It is all about self-appreciation in terms of our abilities, talents and accomplishments. People who have healthy self-esteem feel confident about themselves and their own achievements and skills. Because they feel good about themselves, they feel they are accepted and valued by everyone around them.

However, those who have low self-esteem feel the other way around. They cannot appreciate themselves since they think they are not well-liked and that they are not accepted by people around them. Also, they think they perform poorly in almost anything.

What contributes to low self-esteem?

Teens always have problems regarding their self-esteem. That is because they are in a stage where they are developing their self-image. Self-image can be molded through parental or teacher influence. If teens get to be criticized more for their mistakes than being praised for their hard work, the less likely they are going to develop self-esteem.

Apparently, acceptance plays a large part in having good self-esteem. The absence of which or even rejection may contribute to having low self-esteem among teens. Also, teens may have an inner critic within themselves which finds fault in everything they do. Listening to the inner voice may lead them to losing their healthy self-esteem.

Why is self-esteem important?

People tend to build better relationships if they have a healthy self-esteem. That is because they feel themselves as lovable and likable. With this, they are even able to solve problems on their own or are able to accomplish their goals.

How to improve your self-esteem?

Do not entertain negative thought about yourself. Instead of attaining for perfection, go for accomplishments. Let mistakes become an opportunity in learning new things. Try new activities to develop newly-acquired skills. Determine what you can change and what you cannot about yourself. Set new goals for yourself and keep track of your progress. Exercise so you will be relieved of stress, and get an even healthier and happier life. Enjoy life.


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