Advantages of Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking may come in handy, so to speak. If your family has a history of certain disease, cord blood could be a used in treating the disease.

If the disease requires a bone marrow transplant, the blood in the umbilical cord can help provide the necessary stem cells.


Purchasing calamity or disaster insurance is practical and logical: you hope for the best, yet prepare for worst.

Same with cord blood cells. You pay for their storage, while hoping to never have to need them. It’s very reassuring to know that there are stem cells available to you if you or a family member ever needs them.

Peace of mind

If the previous paragraph puts cord blood storage in the light of a disaster insurance, this time, think of cord blood storage as a trust fund or a college fund. A trust or college fund will provide for your child in case something happens to you.

In a like fashion, if in case you and your child are not perfect HLA matches (for bone marrow transplants), the stored cord blood will provide stem cells to your child, if ever he gets sick in the future.

The Future

Our present technology only allows stem cells from cord blood to be used for bone marrow transplants. However, if medical technology continues to advance, stem cells from cord blood cells will have a much bigger purpose.

Stored cord blood today will allow your family to be a part of future cures and discoveries. It pays to look ahead.


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