Vitamin C Soothes Irritated Heart

Conditions like body wide inflammation or irritation can, in the future, lead to serious health problems like atherosclerosis or heart attacks.

To soothe your irritated heart and arteries, take Vitamin C. It may help bring down C-reactive-protein (CRP) levels which is an indicator of body wide inflammation and irritation. Add that to the ever growing list of vitamin C’s health benefits.

Inflammation and its links to heart disease

Research suggests that heart disease is linked with the inflammatory processes of the body. IF CRP levels go up, it could be signal that these inflammatory processes are set to create some disturbances in your heart.

How vitamin C fights inflammation

When CRP levels are high and these inflammatory processes are out to get your heart, vitamin C normalizes CRP levels, thereby protecting the heart from potential problems.

The positive effects of vitamin C have been shown when people with unusually high CRP levels took 1000 mg of vitamin C every day. After two months, their CRP was 25 percent less than people on a placebo.

Maintaining overall health to fight off diseases

Just because you have vitamin C doesn’t mean you can rest easy. Vitamins can only do so much. You have to take care of your overall health to even have a fighting chance in your war against diseases. Start with following:

Drop a few pounds if it’s necessary for you to.

Move. You don’t have to join the decathlon, just don’t sit on your bottom all day everyday. Remember that a sedentary lifestyle is a heart risk factor.

Eat beans – beans, as well as other high-fiber foods, reduce blood levels of CRP. Experts suggest getting at least 25 grams of fiber a day.

Source: RealAge


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